Sketch pen

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ModishOmbre offers this 24-piece set of dual-tip marker pens for kids, adults as well as for artists. Both broad chisel tip and fine thin tip combined together to provide a considerable amount of variety and flexibility and help in creating a wide range of styles, doodles, and patterns and allow you to write in both thin and thick lines, providing great versatility and flexibility. The markers are designed to be highly pigmented and bright without smearing. Architectural design, advertisement rendering, landscape, underlining, highlighting, and other elements of comic design benefit from the use of markers. Each marker pen has a color code and a similar colored pen cap which makes it easier to recognize the colors. This set will help kids & adults to learn about different colors and their color codes. This is a perfect set for beginners as well as for early learners and expert artists. These color markers come in a sturdy plastic box that has a convenient space to keep all the marker pens in one place and it lowers the chance of misplacing any pens. The box has an easy-to-carry handle, so anyone can carry the box from one place to another.